COCE -College of computer education


COCE Foundation was founded in 1995 by Prof. Sabih Akhter.

The COCE Foundation has been providing challenging global opportunities in Education of IT, Management & Healthcare to committed, talented and needy youth, besides preserving and promoting culture and traditions that make for a wholesome community.
COCE Foundation fulfills this objective by offering Indian students a variety of scholarships and fellowships to pursue their ambitions in the fields of Education.

The Agenda of the COCE Foundation is to use the expertise and infrastructure of its institution and reach out to a wide constituency of target beneficiary groups. The Foundation believes - community benefits multiply when social responsibility is shared, when multiple expertise comes together with just one goal - what we have gained should be passed on. COCE Foundation has made a difference to the lives of thousands of people and families by lending support education and employment.

The COCE Foundation is registered as a Non Profitable Organization and the Commissioner of Income Tax has granted recognition to it.

COCE -College of computer education

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